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One To One Cross Media Marketing

Identify Prospects & Build A Database

Cross media marketing made simple

Profile Complete® variable data marketing transitions prospects from traditional print or phone channels to a web experience that allows marketers to capture the identity of the visitor and their demographic and psychographic profile. Using this information, each recipient is served personalized web content. Profile Complete captures each visit and will email instant sales alerts to your fulfillment process.

Program Benefits

  • Track the effectiveness of various marketing channels simultaneously
  • Capture detailed demographics on interested visitors
  • Create a list of warm leads from a broad universe of potential customers
  • Serve highly personal and relevant content in real time
  • Conduct follow on communications automatically
  • Track results from all your campaigns on one platform
  • Create and maintain a detailed customer database with critical demographic information
  • Build brand loyalty, capitalize on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

Unique Personal Home Pages

After identifying the visitor, the system loads a personalized web page with further information on the offer which reinforces the call to action. Even though Profile Complete can provide the full service for creating and hosting the personalized home pages, the page will appear to be part or your corporate site. Each web page can feature an automatically populated form for opt-in marketing and our industry leading survey functionality.

Email Sales Alerts

Real time email alerts are a great opportunity to contact the customer while they are actually visiting your website. Additionally, this identifies those recipients who read the traditional marketing piece and showed interest, adding a new layer of “soft response” tracking. All of this happens regardless of whether the prospect submits a form or calls directly.

Reporting & Online Prospect Tools

A Profile Complete campaign captures information which increases the number of qualified leads over traditional marketing. Our proprietary and on demand reporting system shows "soft leads" and helps prioritize opportunities. Client lists, web visitors and other statistics are available for download in Excel or CSV formats from our online interface.

Survey Tools

Profile Complete now includes a full suite of survey tools that can help you capture information in the most cost efficient way possible while minimizing abandonment. Call us to learn how this powerful application can build brand loyalty and drive sales.

How it works

Unique web addresses and home pages are easily incorporated into any campaign. Each piece can contain a customized offer tailored to the recipient with variable text and graphics which features a personalized web page address.

While on the site, visitors encounter an automatically populated opt-in form that asks them to join a club, receive a newsletter, or be placed at the head of the line for special offers and programs.

The challenge with traditional campaigns featuring a web site has been the inability to know which particular recipient looked online but never made additional contact. These potential customers remain anonymous unless there is a method to capture their information. Unique URL tracking per prospect overcomes this challenge.

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